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I love a fun tea party!

Both the Downton Abbey and the Pinkalicious variety! I love the fun hats with flowers and ribbons, the beaded necklaces, the colorful skirts, blouses, dresses, and scarves people wear. I love all the vintage bling and accessories - the fans, the gloves, the boas, and the feathers.

I love the interesting little sandwiches, which delight my taste pallet. I love the visual display of the miniature sweet treasures in berries, cream and chocolate. I love the colorful table linens, the delicate tea cups and saucers with their flowers and patterns. I love the range and uniqueness of the tea posts- silver, gold, ceramic, china, porcelain, in shapes of birds, ladies, flowers, etc...

I love the aroma and variety of teas, from black, to floral, to fruit…milk, sugar, honey, lemon…
Crafts and Bling…
For me crafting has always been an exciting way to turn the ordinary or mundane into something spectacular. I'm a believer in repurposing, reinventing and using items you have on hand...I turned old napkins into sachets, random beads into bracelets, old jars into colorful lanterns, and scrap felt into “Cookie Cuties," cookie ornaments, hair clips, magnets and pins. 
I'll mosaic using scrap pieces, of tile, crochet using left over yarn, make wall hangings out of fabric, pillows out of table covers.  Misc glass from broken frames? Don't throw it out! Make colored glass works of art with glass paint.
Dull eye glass case, I pad case, cell phone case, wallet, water bottle? Jazz them up - add jewels! My daughter and I went through a period where we added acrylic jewels to just about everything. I love these items and smile whenever I use them. They are frivolous and colorful, and bright and glorious amongst the most mundane objects and I love them. 
I’m no artist, but I’ve even painted myself into some of my favorite Klimt paintings using canvas and acrylics.

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 Jamal Frangie Rubeiz (MsJ)
Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner; Marketing Professional; MBA, State University of NY, Albany; Alternative Teacher Licensing Program, UVA Curry School of Education; Fairfax County Public Schools Substitute Teacher past 6 years; Girl Scout Leader, past 10 years; PTA Member past 15 years; and Volunteer, Crafter, Party Planner, Mom and Fancy Girl!

Some say "Less is more." I say “More is more!!”